Full Contour Zirconia

Incredibly translucent, our monolithic crowns and bridges milled with Zirlux fc full contour zirconia are 26% more translucent than traditional zirconia material. They require no porcelain buid-up, and can be stained, glazed and sent back to you. This material is ideal for very thin crowns and bridges, helping to preserve the patient’s natural tooth.  



ips emax crowns

Our IPS e.max® has high flexural strength, outstanding fracture resistance and esthetically pleasing light-diffusion qualities. This lithium disilicate material can be used to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and virtually undetectable restorations.





Laminate Veneers




In many cases, an all-ceramic restoration that is stronger than stacked porcelain is needed to achieve the ideal esthetic result. IPS Empress Esthetic remains the ultimate leucite reinforced pressed glass ceramic, featuring a broader range of ingot shades and layering porcelains. It continues to be the ultimate benchmark for highly esthetic pressed porcelain veneers, inlays/onlays and single tooth replacements (bicuspid forward).





Procera® Zirconia was initially developed to address posterior strength concerns. Now with 4 framework shades and the capability of 6-unit bridge restorations, Procera® Zirconia is the stronger all-ceramic cousin to original Procera®. Biocompatibility, esthetics and strength make this restoration ideal for both anterior and posterior applications.



Zirconia is a metal-free restoration available with the In-Lab CAD/CAM system. Zirconia indications include single anterior and posterior crowns and bridges. With 750 Mpa’s of flexural strength, In-Ceram Zirconia is the safe choice for a long lasting, metal-free restorations. When veneered with Vita VM9 porcelain, excellent esthetics can be obtained with wear characteristics of natural teeth.