The Lab 2000 has gone digital!

Cerec Connect

We are happy to announce that we have gone digital! We are now accepting cases through Cerec Connect. We are now able to design your cases digitally, mill your restorations and take your case from start to finish all in-house.



360Imaging helps take diagnosing and planning implant treatments to a new level of predictability and safety. These technologies, along with ease of use, are changing the way clinicians and laboratories plan their restorative implant cases.


360Guide is there to guarantee more efficient and comfortable implant surgery, both for you and your patients. This platform helps minimize any future complications that might arise out of an implant surgery, reduce procedure and planning times, and aids in transferring your treatment plan into clinical reality. Currently, 135,000 implant cases are done annually using computer guided surgery with a success rate of 95% in 10 years. Dental schools are now including implants as a standard part of their curriculum and dental insurance companies are increasing their implant coverage as the need for implants increase.


Whether you believe in minimally invasive procedures or prefer conventional surgery, 360Guide has been designed to fit on your patient’s teeth, mucosa or bone, giving you the flexibility to perform surgery your way and in the safest environment possible.